At first guns were a wonderful invention. You didn’t have to run after your dinner with a rock, or a bow and arrow. Then some “genius” figured out he could control other humans by pointing his “fire” stick at them, and, if they didn’t obey he could kill them. Trouble was, everyone else figured they could get their own guns and shoot back! Now, to compound the problem, many of our species are inherently stupid, so they can’t control themselves and their guns. In America politicians get paid lots of money to make laws that enable everyone and anyone (stupid included) to get a gun, or a lot of guns. I have the distinction of living in a state that just made a huge sniper rifle the “state” gun. That’s right, here in Tennessee we honor a device made for murdering other humans from far away, by surprise! I’ve been a gun owner since I was a boy, but recently I got rid of all but one antique twenty two I’ve had since I was twelve, I just can’t part with it for sentimental reasons, I never shoot it, I just like it. I had a job for many years that took me into some questionable areas at night, so I got my carry permit to “protect” myself. I know now that had I actually been accosted I probably would have peed myself and fainted, which is what most average citizens would do too. The gun lobby, and gun sellers would have you believe that if you get a gun, and they show you how to point it and pull the trigger, you’re all set. That’s bull shit, if you, the average citizen were faced with real aggression from someone with a deadly weapon you’d crap your pants, and run. Of course the saddest story we hear almost every day is the one where the dumb ass parent left their piece laying around and little Johnny blows up his younger sister, now his sisters gone, and he has to live the rest of his life with it. This is only one of the many ideas that insure that America will never be number one.