There Is No god, religion, the WORST thing humans ever invented.

So, you’re going to live in some form after you die? Nice idea, impossible, but cute. The whole idea of an ”afterlife” was one of the tools some people used to control those of less intelligence. A long time ago, in human terms, people didn’t know where thunder and lightning came from, nor where the sun went at night, some real basic stuff, so, they made stuff up to explain it. Pretty soon so sharp guy came up with the idea of controlling those around him by claiming he knew what was causing all the natural phenomenon, but, he would only share his knowledge for a price. The price, your reason, and logic, all you had to do to ”live forever” was give up reality for a myth, for ”faith” a belief in that which doesn’t exist, but you hope it does because you cant imagine not existing in some form forever. Oh yes, one other thing he needed to help you, your valuables, you know to help fund his ”work”. Now, theres only one way this scheme could work, the subject had to be ignorant, stupid was good too. Unfortunately for a large percentage of us this is the case.

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