Getting Sick, Getting Better

No one wants to hear about anyone else’s health unless its one of their relatives, and sometimes not then. This isn’t to whine about my health, its just to shine a light on what can lead to these situations. When I was in my early teens I was introduced to the wonderful world of alcohol, from there i never stopped for the next sixty years. Around the same time I tried tobacco, same story almost, I did quit the cigarettes after thirty years. So, heres the result, I just got out of the hospital after fighting acute pancreatitis, blood bacteria, gallbladder baddies, sepsis, etc., basically, my GI tract tried to kill me. The doctors removed the offending bits and sent me home, i will live. So, I read up on it, and guess what, alcohol and cigarettes were the direct cause. Who would’ve figured. So, the verdict is, wanna get sick and maybe die then smoke and drink. That’s all.


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