The End Of Our Existence

For any student of history it becomes obvious that our species is flawed. We carry traits in our DNA that we can never change. These are the things that cause things like racism, tribalism, belief systems that include things like believing in any superior unseen force or entity that controls the earth or life on it. The thing that will most influence the demise of our species is our own stupidity. There, of course, are some among us who know where we are headed and why, but not enough to save us. In a way our extinction will be good for the earth since we are the cause of many of earths problems. Its hard to predict how long this process will take, but in the grand scheme of things I don’t think very much longer. Of course things will degenerate quickly as water and food become scarce and we start killing each other for survival. Luckily for me I won’t be around for that stuff as I’m in my late 70’s and will be long gone for the real end times, the end time that doesn’t include any outside mystical force or supreme invisible being, just human ignorance. So, you young people, have fun, hope your neighbors taste good.