Election Season!

Why does election season go for two years, then two years off, then on again, that means politicos are campaigning fifty percent of the time. Television ad space is dedicated to prescription drugs, ambulance chasers, and politicians, oh, yeah, and cars that go flying around corners kicking up dust and dirt at breakneck speed, you know, like in real life. I just saw a story about Canada’s election season, the prime minister was gonna take a few weeks off to campaign. The so called president of this country started campaigning for re-election the day after he took the oath of office.

Well, gotta go look at the tv and see if anyone has some covers to keep leaves out of my gutters!

Donald is Crazy!

The occupant of the White House is batshit crazy. I don’t call this thing the president, because he really isn’t. It’s kind of a shame that no one is getting Donnie some medical help, he is obviously nuts and needs psychiatric attention. It will be interesting to see when this thing is over if the country remains, or, maybe it will be a colony of Russia? It’s sad that the dems in Congress are shilly shallying around about impeachment when the criminal occupant has already committed bunches of impeachable offenses. We can always hope he chokes on his next Big Mac and we have a uptight Jesus freak at the top. Just about anything would be better than this situation.

The Racist in The White House

It’s certainly a very unusual time in American history to put it lightly. One of the most open racists we’ve ever had is in the White House, not that we haven’t had them in the past. This is 2019 and you’d think these times would be long gone. It just goes to show how basic and deeply imbedded racism is in humans. Donald isn’t different than millions of other Americans in his overt racism, but until he came to office most people weren’t comfortable expressing their bigotry so loudly. One very bad result of the situation is that some people are going to be hurt, even die as a result of Trumps racism. The white supremacists feel emboldened to act on their hatred now that they have a champion in the Oval Office. It’s a sad time in the world at large as this kind of thinking is becoming more widespread, I see it as another indicator of mankind’s inexorable slide to extinction. Hey, rich people, your gated communities will only protect you for so long, better get off this cinder and find another home, but not Mars, it’s a shithole planet.

The Roman Empire Redux?

I had a job for awhile just before I retired that allowed me to listen to podcasts during the day as I drove. During that time I discovered Richard Millers series on the Roman Empire that covered, as I recall something like seven hundred plus years of history. Of course the bulk of that time period was devoted to the creation and building of the Empire, it was only at the end of that time when it all started to go to hell. As time went by they had some really good emperors and some real stinkers, when they had a stinker they sometimes dealt with them by simply killing them, we of course don’t do that these days. The one in charge in Rome when it finally died was famous for his fiddling instead of doing his job, which is where the old saying came from, you remember Nero from your history class, right? I’m not saying the US is like Rome, but someone is trying to build a large, unnecessary monument (wall) to himself and playing golf constantly (fiddling). When things get too lopsided the poor always wind up eating the rich. Will democracy be saved?

When Will It Be Over? (Our national nightmare)

Oh, Donald, Donald, Donald, you poor little child, will you ever grow up?

The answer is, never, Donald is a product of his environment from the time he was born. He was born to a crime family and was taught his mob ways from the time he was a small child. He doesn’t know anything else, he’s not making it up as he goes, it’s all he knows.

As a country, and people we will just have to weather this debacle as best we can till it’s over, then start the long process of rebuilding America back to the only sort of shitty imperialist country we used to be so proud of.

One possible plus of having this huge mistake in government is that people will maybe get off their butts and go vote!

Trump is the bird in the mine

Americans especially the mainstream media treat the Donald as if he were somehow special or different, he is simply an indicator of a natural progression.  Most average Americans know little of history, nor care about it, its part of being too busy texting cat, baby, and food pictures to people who are supposed to be their friends.

Now, let’s be clear, Donald Trump is the worst person to ever become president of the United States, but he only got there through a series of natural occurrences.

Over the last fifty years the US demographic and economy have been turned on their heads with the change in America’s middle class workforce caused by the offshoring of our manufacturing base, and the immigration of many more refugees coming from countries affected by our imperialism.

When I say what is occurring is natural it comes down to how the human species is wired,  we are greedy, tribal, selfish animals beneath all the talk of inclusiveness and fair play.  Fear of others taking our “stuff”, jobs, food, housing makes us support people who promise to keep things the way we remember from our grandparents time.  It’s based in the US a lot on racism.  Currently the people Trumps supporters blame for their problems are brown, this has caused a rise is overt racism last seen in the fifties in this country.  Another contributing factor is class warfare caused by big banks, and big business that have made the rich richer and the poor poorer, a problem that has caused other countries in history to change dramatically when the gap between rich and poor became too wide.

In a way I’m sorry I won’t be around to see how the American experiment ends, and it’s on its way out.  Too bad really, it was kind of a cool idea, except for the slavery and some other class stuff.

American Treason Donald J Trump and Russia

I have to wonder if the country is really headed to a point of no return, or is the system the framers came up with strong enough to withstand a treasonous leader?  If the republican controlled house and senate would stand up and be patriotic instead of looking the other way in an effort to keep their jobs by being toady’s to Donald the crisis America finds itself in would be over by now.  Just the emolument clause in the constitution should have been enough to remove Trump by now.  I also wonder if the country survives this series of events, how long will it take to repair the damage done to the environment, the economy, and every other normal tenet that has been abridged by the traitor in chief and his slavering minions?

Since I started writing this 48 hrs ago its come out through the New York Times that the Donald was apprised of evidence uncovered by the FBI that Russia had been found hacking the DNC to influence the election in favor of him, at which point he had won but not been sworn in.  He of course covered it up and has denied it since.

Donald Trump is clearly a traitor, and should not only be removed from office, but every appointment, every presidential order, every bit of legislation, everything he has done should be negated, erased, and corrected.

It remains to be seen if the US Congress will act to do what should be done about this criminal,  based on what they have done so far I don’t hold out much hope.

On my twitter feed I created a hashtag some time ago, it is #Americaisnomore

Will America survive?

When societies crumble historically it is caused by internal upheaval.  Most Americans are ignorant about such matters as they are generally not well read, especially on history.  The answer to the posts topic on America’s failure is, of course, yes, it will fail.  The evidence is overwhelming, and if you know anything about world history, not unexpected.  One of the common factors that occurs in most cases are income and class separations that eventually reach a point where the poor revolt and remove the leader and, or, government to replace it with something they think is better but often is not.  In a way, it’s just the natural cycle that is a part of human life. In case you’ve missed what I’m saying we are defective as a species.  Sorry, it’s just the way it is.  Luckily for me this little experiment we call America will last past my death, sorry about you kids.

Ranting about Trump? Ranting about America!

Ranting about Trump is really a huge waste of time. While Trump is an idiot and buffoon the problem goes much deeper. What needs fixing is the human race, we are the problem. That Trump is where he is right now points to a real problem in the United States with the level of intelligence among the proletariat.  I wish I thought they’re was a fix for it, but I fear not, as Donnie would say ,SAD!

For my part, I was born long enough ago that the fallout from America’s dumbing down probably won’t affect me in my lifetime, assuming Donnie doesn’t blow up the world before he’s ultimately run off to continue scamming his fellow prisoners.

So, you millennials and gen whatever’s you’re out of luck, but that’s how the world works, look at Rome.  Remember when class division became too wide in places like France the poor just lopped off the leaders heads!

Forget Trump, he ain’t the problem!

The world is ending and people in America are flapping their arms about Trump, waste of time.  Here’s the deal, water, air, food, and so forth are disappearing. Sure, there are some people trying to alert the masses and turn the tide. Not gonna work. Our species are too stupid to survive. This didn’t just happen last week or last year, we as a species have been defective from the git go.  Think about the stuff we’ve come up with, things like war, murder and religion. Those are bad enough, but the main problem is our inherent ignorance.

Heres a funny observation for you, when we go extinct, we will not be missed. And after a few million years our existence will not be remembered or noticed by anything that happens past our burnt out little cinder.