When I’m DEAD

So, we all die, OK, then what?
I’ll tell you what, Nothing!
You die, you are no more, you were born (accidentally ) you lived, you died, end of story.
For those of you who think you will exist on some plane after your physical body stops working, you’re misguided , you are stupid.
That’s all I have to say, it was fun while it lasted, I loved some of you, I liked others, I tolerated many stupid people, I really disliked a few.


Guns, gun violence, mass shooters, gun control

There are more guns in America than people, there is at least one mass shooting a day in the US, almost 10,000 people have died by gun violence in the first 90 days of 2023. You might ask, why? I have the answer, Americans are stupid, full stop. I could go into great detail about what contributes to this stupidity, but that’s a waste of time, suffice it to say, a majority of Americans are just stupid.

There Is No god, religion, the WORST thing humans ever invented.

So, you’re going to live in some form after you die? Nice idea, impossible, but cute. The whole idea of an ”afterlife” was one of the tools some people used to control those of less intelligence. A long time ago, in human terms, people didn’t know where thunder and lightning came from, nor where the sun went at night, some real basic stuff, so, they made stuff up to explain it. Pretty soon so sharp guy came up with the idea of controlling those around him by claiming he knew what was causing all the natural phenomenon, but, he would only share his knowledge for a price. The price, your reason, and logic, all you had to do to ”live forever” was give up reality for a myth, for ”faith” a belief in that which doesn’t exist, but you hope it does because you cant imagine not existing in some form forever. Oh yes, one other thing he needed to help you, your valuables, you know to help fund his ”work”. Now, theres only one way this scheme could work, the subject had to be ignorant, stupid was good too. Unfortunately for a large percentage of us this is the case.

The End of The U.S.A

Had lunch today with an old friend, we discussed old times, and my recent health woes. As I’m now in my mid seventies he wondered if i thought I’d live long enough to see the end of this country. What he was alluding to is the rapid downward spiral of democracy fueled by religion and racism, the two greatest problems this country brought with it when we invaded it and stole it from its rightful owners in the 17th century. I allowed as to how i thought I’d meet my demise while the country was still barely avoiding all out anarchy in the streets. In short, I’m not the only one who knows America id fucked. Tough shit young people.



Getting Sick, Getting Better

No one wants to hear about anyone else’s health unless its one of their relatives, and sometimes not then. This isn’t to whine about my health, its just to shine a light on what can lead to these situations. When I was in my early teens I was introduced to the wonderful world of alcohol, from there i never stopped for the next sixty years. Around the same time I tried tobacco, same story almost, I did quit the cigarettes after thirty years. So, heres the result, I just got out of the hospital after fighting acute pancreatitis, blood bacteria, gallbladder baddies, sepsis, etc., basically, my GI tract tried to kill me. The doctors removed the offending bits and sent me home, i will live. So, I read up on it, and guess what, alcohol and cigarettes were the direct cause. Who would’ve figured. So, the verdict is, wanna get sick and maybe die then smoke and drink. That’s all.


The End Of Our Existence

For any student of history it becomes obvious that our species is flawed. We carry traits in our DNA that we can never change. These are the things that cause things like racism, tribalism, belief systems that include things like believing in any superior unseen force or entity that controls the earth or life on it. The thing that will most influence the demise of our species is our own stupidity. There, of course, are some among us who know where we are headed and why, but not enough to save us. In a way our extinction will be good for the earth since we are the cause of many of earths problems. Its hard to predict how long this process will take, but in the grand scheme of things I don’t think very much longer. Of course things will degenerate quickly as water and food become scarce and we start killing each other for survival. Luckily for me I won’t be around for that stuff as I’m in my late 70’s and will be long gone for the real end times, the end time that doesn’t include any outside mystical force or supreme invisible being, just human ignorance. So, you young people, have fun, hope your neighbors taste good.

2021, Now What? ByeDon!

OK, now that the Orange Idiot is leaving how long will it take to fix the damage that Vladimir Junior did in the past 4 years? I’m not sure the country can ever overcome all that the fat traitor was able to inflict on us in his short time as the fake president. Joe certainly has his job cut out for him, good luck Joe. You have to marvel at America’s stupidity though, 70 million people voted for a complete idiot and loser again for president, sure makes you wonder what goes on in these people’s heads.

Election 2020

Well, only a few days left until we find out if the American experiment will end or not. The question? Will Americans vote for and autocrat or a Democrat? If Donald is re-elected by whatever means he can get away with so he can stay out of prison then that will end America as we have known it for 240+ years, he, like other dictators all over the world will continue to chip away at the checks and balances system so that he can rule by edict. The thing that makes me most sad about this situation is the stupidity of a large percentage of the populace that has led up to this. From a personal standpoint, should Donald win I will have lived through the best of the American experiment, and the worst.

Election Season!

Why does election season go for two years, then two years off, then on again, that means politicos are campaigning fifty percent of the time. Television ad space is dedicated to prescription drugs, ambulance chasers, and politicians, oh, yeah, and cars that go flying around corners kicking up dust and dirt at breakneck speed, you know, like in real life. I just saw a story about Canada’s election season, the prime minister was gonna take a few weeks off to campaign. The so called president of this country started campaigning for re-election the day after he took the oath of office.

Well, gotta go look at the tv and see if anyone has some covers to keep leaves out of my gutters!

Donald is Crazy!

The occupant of the White House is batshit crazy. I don’t call this thing the president, because he really isn’t. It’s kind of a shame that no one is getting Donnie some medical help, he is obviously nuts and needs psychiatric attention. It will be interesting to see when this thing is over if the country remains, or, maybe it will be a colony of Russia? It’s sad that the dems in Congress are shilly shallying around about impeachment when the criminal occupant has already committed bunches of impeachable offenses. We can always hope he chokes on his next Big Mac and we have a uptight Jesus freak at the top. Just about anything would be better than this situation.