The Racist in The White House

It’s certainly a very unusual time in American history to put it lightly. One of the most open racists we’ve ever had is in the White House, not that we haven’t had them in the past. This is 2019 and you’d think these times would be long gone. It just goes to show how basic and deeply imbedded racism is in humans. Donald isn’t different than millions of other Americans in his overt racism, but until he came to office most people weren’t comfortable expressing their bigotry so loudly. One very bad result of the situation is that some people are going to be hurt, even die as a result of Trumps racism. The white supremacists feel emboldened to act on their hatred now that they have a champion in the Oval Office. It’s a sad time in the world at large as this kind of thinking is becoming more widespread, I see it as another indicator of mankind’s inexorable slide to extinction. Hey, rich people, your gated communities will only protect you for so long, better get off this cinder and find another home, but not Mars, it’s a shithole planet.