Washington’s birthday (Presidents day)

It used to be called Washington’s birthday, of course that wasn’t inclusive enough, so now its Presidents Day, the trouble with calling it presidents day is that kind of implies ALL presidents, and a lot of them don’t deserve to be lauded.  I’m sure you can think of a few, especially these days.

Drugs Drugs Drugs (posted for my sister)

You lose your job, your home, and even worse…Your children. It’s beyond comprehension what people are willing to give away to be in La La Land. A huge circle of people are impacted (hard). That being said, No one starts doing drugs thinking “Boy, it’s going to be great when drugs take over my life.” And yet, there are many who find themselves imprisoned. No one thinks they’re going to be the junkie. Today more than ever, I want the healing of addiction!! There’s a personal reason for asking everyone to put this message on their status for at least 1 hour. I know who’ll do it! Think of someone you love who has had an addiction or who is trying to fight this evil. I hope to see this on the status of all my friends. Don’t share, but copy and paste!! Hold your finger on the text and it will highlight, select copy, then paste it onto your own wall. The pain hurts more than just the addict, it destroys FAMILIES and friendships! We hate the sickness, not the person!

Golf Course Prayer

Last week at the end of our round a player who had joined us halfway through our round asked if he could say a prayer for anyone we might know who was in need. I just walked off instead of berating him for his idiocy. Remember this quote: “I cannot imagine a God who rewards and punishes the objects of his creation, whose purposes are modeled after our own — a God, in short, who is but a reflection of human frailty. Neither can I believe that the individual survives the death of his body, although feeble souls harbor such thoughts through fear or ridiculous egotism.” [Einstein]

4th of July! Lets Celibrate Jingoism!

Tomorrow we will see endless celebration of our independence from England in the 18th century, punctuated with lots of military exhibitions and big ass guns, boats, and planes.  And why not, our industry is based on invading other countries and imprisoning our minority citizens.  Don’t forget, America is number one, just not in the right things. Insert frowny face! You can flame me all you want, just remember, I’m a veteran, I just tell the truth.


At first guns were a wonderful invention. You didn’t have to run after your dinner with a rock, or a bow and arrow. Then some “genius” figured out he could control other humans by pointing his “fire” stick at them, and, if they didn’t obey he could kill them. Trouble was, everyone else figured they could get their own guns and shoot back! Now, to compound the problem, many of our species are inherently stupid, so they can’t control themselves and their guns. In America politicians get paid lots of money to make laws that enable everyone and anyone (stupid included) to get a gun, or a lot of guns. I have the distinction of living in a state that just made a huge sniper rifle the “state” gun. That’s right, here in Tennessee we honor a device made for murdering other humans from far away, by surprise! I’ve been a gun owner since I was a boy, but recently I got rid of all but one antique twenty two I’ve had since I was twelve, I just can’t part with it for sentimental reasons, I never shoot it, I just like it. I had a job for many years that took me into some questionable areas at night, so I got my carry permit to “protect” myself. I know now that had I actually been accosted I probably would have peed myself and fainted, which is what most average citizens would do too. The gun lobby, and gun sellers would have you believe that if you get a gun, and they show you how to point it and pull the trigger, you’re all set. That’s bull shit, if you, the average citizen were faced with real aggression from someone with a deadly weapon you’d crap your pants, and run. Of course the saddest story we hear almost every day is the one where the dumb ass parent left their piece laying around and little Johnny blows up his younger sister, now his sisters gone, and he has to live the rest of his life with it. This is only one of the many ideas that insure that America will never be number one.

Hi, I’m Ray

cropped-Ray-sailor-1.jpgHello, I’m Ray Dionne, I’ve lived in Nashville Tennessee for the past 45 years, 34 of them married to my wonderful wife, Mary. We have three children, and three grandchildren scattered around the country. Now that I’m in my seventies I play a lot of golf, and drink a lot of beer (more on that later). I have strong opinions on life, and politics. As you can see, when I was a young man I spent some time in the Navy, military service for many of us was just a job, the jingoism ginned up by the media is mostly bull shit to encourage nationalism and make war more palatable to the gullible and stupid in this country. While you steam over that last statement, I better let you know I don’t believe in god either, religion is the worst thing mankind ever invented.  While I believe you have the right to believe anything you want, you do not have the right to force your ideas on, or harm in any way, others who do not agree with you.