Comcast/Xfinity Data Cap and Poor Service

Some time ago cable providers decided that since people all over the country were cutting the cable and they were losing money it would be a good idea to come up with new revenue streams. One way to make more money from your current customers is to charge them more for what they are already getting. By changing your service from unlimited data to something like 250 or 300 Gb per month they could then charge a fee for everything over those artificial limits and thus increase their profit. That wouldn’t work with older people who don’t stream TV or movies, and just surf a few websites like Facebook and Politico, and not watch a lot of streaming high def content. Our household doesn’t stream any movies or television, except for the odd Comedians in Cars episode which lasts about 12 to 15 minutes. So, up until last December, when Comcast realized they weren’t going to make any extra cash on us our data usage every month was very low, now all of a sudden it has skyrocketed and we are supposedly using over 10 Gb a day, or the equivenlent of three high def movies a day. When contacted about the issue the agent for Xfinity said that the data meter was correct, and they could not determine what was using the data, or what time of day. It appears that the only option for us, or any consumer is to change providers, unfortunately in the U.S. they is no other option that isn’t just a bad as Comcast/Xfinity. We filed a report with the FCC and Comcast contacted us immediately, I guess they don’t like FCC complaints on the record. That was when we were told, “its not our problem”, they offer no fix, no investigation, nothing but “sorry” thats the was it is.

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