Ranting about Trump? Ranting about America!

Ranting about Trump is really a huge waste of time. While Trump is an idiot and buffoon the problem goes much deeper. What needs fixing is the human race, we are the problem. That Trump is where he is right now points to a real problem in the United States with the level of intelligence among the proletariat.  I wish I thought they’re was a fix for it, but I fear not, as Donnie would say ,SAD!

For my part, I was born long enough ago that the fallout from America’s dumbing down probably won’t affect me in my lifetime, assuming Donnie doesn’t blow up the world before he’s ultimately run off to continue scamming his fellow prisoners.

So, you millennials and gen whatever’s you’re out of luck, but that’s how the world works, look at Rome.  Remember when class division became too wide in places like France the poor just lopped off the leaders heads!

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