Will America survive?

When societies crumble historically it is caused by internal upheaval.  Most Americans are ignorant about such matters as they are generally not well read, especially on history.  The answer to the posts topic on America’s failure is, of course, yes, it will fail.  The evidence is overwhelming, and if you know anything about world history, not unexpected.  One of the common factors that occurs in most cases are income and class separations that eventually reach a point where the poor revolt and remove the leader and, or, government to replace it with something they think is better but often is not.  In a way, it’s just the natural cycle that is a part of human life. In case you’ve missed what I’m saying we are defective as a species.  Sorry, it’s just the way it is.  Luckily for me this little experiment we call America will last past my death, sorry about you kids.

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