Trump is the bird in the mine

Americans especially the mainstream media treat the Donald as if he were somehow special or different, he is simply an indicator of a natural progression.  Most average Americans know little of history, nor care about it, its part of being too busy texting cat, baby, and food pictures to people who are supposed to be their friends.

Now, let’s be clear, Donald Trump is the worst person to ever become president of the United States, but he only got there through a series of natural occurrences.

Over the last fifty years the US demographic and economy have been turned on their heads with the change in America’s middle class workforce caused by the offshoring of our manufacturing base, and the immigration of many more refugees coming from countries affected by our imperialism.

When I say what is occurring is natural it comes down to how the human species is wired,  we are greedy, tribal, selfish animals beneath all the talk of inclusiveness and fair play.  Fear of others taking our “stuff”, jobs, food, housing makes us support people who promise to keep things the way we remember from our grandparents time.  It’s based in the US a lot on racism.  Currently the people Trumps supporters blame for their problems are brown, this has caused a rise is overt racism last seen in the fifties in this country.  Another contributing factor is class warfare caused by big banks, and big business that have made the rich richer and the poor poorer, a problem that has caused other countries in history to change dramatically when the gap between rich and poor became too wide.

In a way I’m sorry I won’t be around to see how the American experiment ends, and it’s on its way out.  Too bad really, it was kind of a cool idea, except for the slavery and some other class stuff.

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