American Treason Donald J Trump and Russia

I have to wonder if the country is really headed to a point of no return, or is the system the framers came up with strong enough to withstand a treasonous leader?  If the republican controlled house and senate would stand up and be patriotic instead of looking the other way in an effort to keep their jobs by being toady’s to Donald the crisis America finds itself in would be over by now.  Just the emolument clause in the constitution should have been enough to remove Trump by now.  I also wonder if the country survives this series of events, how long will it take to repair the damage done to the environment, the economy, and every other normal tenet that has been abridged by the traitor in chief and his slavering minions?

Since I started writing this 48 hrs ago its come out through the New York Times that the Donald was apprised of evidence uncovered by the FBI that Russia had been found hacking the DNC to influence the election in favor of him, at which point he had won but not been sworn in.  He of course covered it up and has denied it since.

Donald Trump is clearly a traitor, and should not only be removed from office, but every appointment, every presidential order, every bit of legislation, everything he has done should be negated, erased, and corrected.

It remains to be seen if the US Congress will act to do what should be done about this criminal,  based on what they have done so far I don’t hold out much hope.

On my twitter feed I created a hashtag some time ago, it is #Americaisnomore

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